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    Sell your mobile

    Mobile phone technology is advancing all the time, with newer phones offering improved and enhanced features to make your life easier.

    But what do you do with your old or outdated mobile phone when you upgrade to a newer handset? Do you shove it in a drawer and forget about it? Do you donate it to a family member, or keep it as a spare in case of problems with your new one? Or do you consider throwing it away with your household rubbish? (This is something you should never do, and we’ll explain why later on.)

    Sell your phone

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    Too many mobiles

    It’s quite difficult to work out exactly how many mobile phones there are in the UK as the numbers are constantly changing. And surveys conducted into the subject rarely take into account anyone under 18, even though most youngsters, and almost all teenagers, own mobiles as a matter of course.

    However, as far as it’s possible to ascertain, approximately 95% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone and a cautious estimate suggests that just under 90% of teenagers have one. And with around 66 million people to take into consideration, that’s an awful lot of mobile phones! 

    In fact, some experts suggest that the number of mobile phones in the UK now exceeds the number of people. So why is this? It’s because far too many of us hang onto our old handsets when we upgrade, shoving the previous model into the back of a drawer, where it languishes, unused and unloved and without any useful purpose. And with the majority of users choosing to upgrade every two years or so, that’s an awful lot of unused phones lying around doing nothing at all.

    Sell your phone


    Sell your mobile

    So why not sell your mobile phone? Depending on the make and model of phone, and its overall condition, you could make anything from a few quid to hundreds of pounds.

    And it couldn’t be easier! Simply input the make and model of your device into our search function, and then give an indication of its condition. Is it perfect and in ‘as new’ condition? Is it slightly older, and a little worn but still serviceable? Or has it got a cracked or damaged screen and looking a little the worse for wear?

    Straight away, we’ll give you a price for your old mobile, based on the information you’ve given us. Then all you have to do is pack up your phone - and your charger, if you have it - and send it to us. We’ll examine your phone, and provided that it’s in the condition you described to us, we’ll send you the money we quoted.

    It’s quick, it’s easy, and you could receive a generous payout for your old phone. So why leave potential cash lying around in your house? Sell your mobile with the minimum of fuss and you’ll have some extra cash, as well as the warm glow of having done something good for the planet.


    Why is selling my mobile good for the planet?

    Mobile phones aren’t just made from cheap metals and plastics. They also contain hazardous materials, including lead and mercury, many of which are extremely harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly. 

    But they also contain a number of valuable materials too, including platinum, gold and silver, all of which are recoverable and reusable In fact, according to one recent report, recoverable materials amounting to over £40 billion are thrown away every year across the planet when they could have been recycled and reused.

    So dig out your old mobile, enter the details into our site and find out how much your old phones are worth. You’ll be helping yourself - and the planet too!

    Sell your phone

    The smart way to sell your mobile

    Sellyourphone is the smart way to get the best price for old and unwanted gadgets. It’s fast, convenient and green too, so you do your bit for the environment while getting an upgrade.

    It’s a great way to get the best return on your tech,
    so what are you waiting for? Find a quote today!

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