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    Sell your iPhone 6s

    The iPhone 6s was released way back in 2015, meaning that by modern standards, any original devices from this era will look a little long in the tooth. If you are looking to sell your iPhone 6s, there are still plenty of reasons to do it today. So why should you consider taking this route and what are the options available?

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    Why sell an iPhone 6s?

    The first reason to part ways with your older Apple handset is to upgrade to a more up to date replacement. So many features have arrived on newer iPhones which are either unavailable, unsupported or simply too slow to use enjoyably on the 6s.

    The good news for owners is that the popularity of the Apple brand and the enduring respect for its products means that even older, second-hand devices can still recoup a decent percentage of their original selling price when they are sold further down the line. This means that it is much more sensible to sell an iPhone 6s rather than leaving it to gather dust in a drawer. 

    Perhaps most importantly, by selling your old phone, you will be doing your bit for the environment. It can either be refurbished and reused, or sent to be recycled so that the valuable materials it contains do not go to waste. If you are concerned about climate change and want to make your mobile buying habits more sustainable, this is the best way to ensure this.

    Sell your phone

    How do I sell my iPhone 6s?

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    Sell your phone here

    The quickest and simplest way to sell an iPhone 6s is to make use of our site, get a quote for your device and then send it into us to receive fast payment.

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    Free Post

    If you are happy with the price we offer for your iPhone 6s, we will then send out a bag to your address. Just pop your device into it and then post back to us. This is a freepost service, so you don’t need to worry about incurring any shipping charges when using our site to sell your old phone.

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    Whats your device worth

    To find out how much your old phone is worth, all you need to do is enter details about it into the search bar found on our site. You can also sort through different makes and models if you want to find out this information and also see what your other devices are worth. You will no doubt be pleasantly surprised at just how well Apple products hold their value compared with handsets from rival brands.

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    How to wipe phone data

    Once we have received your device, we will pay your cash directly into your bank account, ensuring that this really is a truly secure, efficient way to sell an iPhone 6s or any other mobile device.

    Is a damaged iPhone 6s still eligible?

    We all know that mobile phones are susceptible to some wear and tear over time, so you will be pleased to hear that even iPhone 6s models which have visible damage can still be sold to us; you just need to let us know about the condition of the device when you are requesting a quote on our site.

    We are happy to buy phones which are still in working order but have some level of external damage, or even those which have specific hardware faults that need addressing. 

    If all of this sounds like good news, just use our site to get a quote and sell your iPhone 6s to us to discover what a breeze the whole process can be! Please get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions or require any additional help.

    Sell your phone

    Dropping phone

    To find out how much your phone is worth, simply type the make and model details into the search box. If you accept the price offered then you’ll see details of how to proceed and send off your phone.


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