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    Sell your iPhone 6

    Choosing to sell your iPhone 6 can be a great decision for a number of reasons, but unless you have re-sold an outdated device in the past, you might not be familiar with the benefits of this process.

    Our site makes it easy to sell old phones of all makes and models, including the now-archaic iPhone 6 which is long overdue for replacement for most people.

    Sell your phone

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    How to sell your iPhone 6

    The first step to selling your iPhone 6 is to use our search tool to see how much it is worth. You can find the particular specs of your device and provide details about features such as its storage capacity and its current state of repair, allowing you to get an accurate quote. 

    Even though the iPhone 6 first released in 2014, it is still worth selling an Apple phone like this because there is on-going demand for refurbished models on the used market. Even if your device has damaged components, such as a cracked screen, it can still be sold to us, so go ahead and get your competitive quote today. 

    After you have discovered and accepted the value of your iPhone 6, we will send you a bag which can be used to ship the device to us. There is no postage to pay,

    Sell your phone

    Why you should sell your iPhone 6

    The first reason to sell your iPhone 6 is that this handset is based on an old design which is no longer at the cutting-edge as it was back when it first hit the scene. By modern standards the 4.7 inch screen of the standard model is not only fairly small, but the Retina resolution is comparatively poor, given the move to QHD and higher resolution panels found on more modern devices. 

    Everything from the chipset to the camera will pale in comparison when viewed alongside even lower-end smartphones released today, so by selling your iPhone 6, you can justify an upgrade and even use the cash you get to put towards your new purchase or contract deal. 

    The second reason to sell your iPhone 6 is that this is a much better option than simply storing it at home when you do decide to upgrade. Electronic devices of all kinds can either be refurbished for reuse or sent to be recycled, at which point the valuable elements they contain can return to the manufacturing eco-system and end up in new products. 

    Selling your iPhone is the eco-conscious thing to do, as well as the only thing that makes sense from a financial perspective. You can even clear out space at home by selling all of your old mobile phones. 

    The final advantage we offer is an incredibly convenient, efficient service that will ensure that you get cash for your iPhone as quickly as possible once we have received it.

    An incredibly convenient, efficient service that will ensure that you get cash for your iPhone as quickly as possible once we have received it.

    What models are accepted?

    You can sell iPhone 6 handsets to us regardless as to their specifications or features. We also accept damaged phones; just make sure you tell us about any issues when getting a quote so that we can accurately value your old mobile. 

    Of course, the iPhone 6 is just one of the many different Apple models we buy. You can also sell us phones from a variety of other major manufacturers, including Samsung and LG.


    To find out how much your phone is worth, simply type the make and model details into the search box. If you accept the price offered then you’ll see details of how to proceed and send off your phone.


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