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    Recycle your mobile

    Mobile phone technology evolves pretty rapidly and it’s a rare household that doesn’t have at least one or two old mobiles languishing in a drawer somewhere.

    It’s understandable that you might want to have a spare on hand in case of problems, but those old phones could be worth money.

    Rather than having old phones collecting dust, why not sell your phone and liberate some extra cash? Some of the most popular phones such as the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy range can be worth more than you think and selling your old phone is a straightforward process.

    Sell your phone

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    Electronic waste

    Electronic waste is a major problem around the world, the UK alone produces almost 25Kgs of e-waste per person, per year. Part of this is made up by mobile phones, it’s therefore important that you dispose of your old phones and other e-waste appropriately.

    When you sell your phone, a number of things can happen to it. If it’s still in working order, it can be refurbished and sold on for reuse. If it’s broken or if it’s an outdated model, it may still have value. It can be recycled and valuable materials used in its construction extracted for reuse, ensuring that it won’t end up in landfill. Of course, badly broken phones have very little worth, so it pays to keep your old device in good condition if you can. 

    The older your phone is, the less it’s likely to be worth, so it’s worth selling your old phone as soon as you get a new one. If you sit on it for too long, you’ll end up getting less when you do eventually sell it. When a new Samsung Galaxy model comes out, for example, the price of the previous ones will drop. The more generations out of date the phone is, the less it will be worth.

    Sell your phone


    To find out how much your phone is worth, simply type the make and model details into the search box. If you accept the price offered then you’ll see details of how to proceed and send off your phone.


      Preparing your phone for sale

      Although phones are disposed of in a responsible way, wiping the phone’s memory before you sell it is a worthwhile step as it makes sure that there’s no risk of any of your data accidentally falling into the wrong hands.

      No. 1

      Take our the SIM

      If your old phone is still in working order, it’s important to make sure you remove all your information from it before you sell it. The first step is to take out the SIM card and any memory cards you may have had in the phone.

      No. 3

      Manufacturer Issues

      This does vary a little between manufacturers, so the options may not be exactly the same, on Samsung phones, for example, you’ll need to select the General management option from the Settings menu. If your phone is protected by a PIN, you will need to enter this to perform the reset.

      No. 2

      Remove all your information

      Once you’ve done that, you need to remove all of your contact details, your account login details and other information from the phone’s memory. You can do this by performing a factory reset. On Android phones, you can do this from the Settings menu, choose the System option and select Reset options.

      No. 4

      How to wipe phone data

      If you can’t get into the menu, you may still be able to reset Samsung phones from the recovery menu. With the phone turned off hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons together. This should put the phone into recovery mode showing a menu you can scroll through with the Volume button. One of the options on here should be Wipe data/factory reset.

      The smart way to sell your mobile

      Sellyourphone is the smart way to get the best price for old and unwanted gadgets. It’s fast, convenient and green too, so you do your bit for the environment while getting an upgrade.

      It’s a great way to get the best return on your tech,
      so what are you waiting for? Find a quote today!

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